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University Branding & Sports Branding

Does your university or college brand match up to the quality of the institution? Does the athletic mark inspire students, alumni, faculty, and local businesses? A brand can do so much to help take a higher education institution to the next level. vitalink works with colleges and universities to develop university brands and athletic brand marks, including developing brand identities for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).


Our phased approach to building a brand starts with listening to all the important stakeholder groups. It is critical to build consensus so the new brand is not only accepted, but welcomed. In addition, vitalink conducts a competitive analysis of where you are in your division and nationally to help establish a solid foundation for your brand to excel. Once the brand has been tested and a final brand mark or logo has been chosen, we work to develop a style guide to ensure the new brand is implemented correctly by all those internal and external sources who will be using the brand.

The select samples you see are for both university marks and athletic marks. More samples are available upon request.  Our work includes overall branding, enrollment management, athletics, research and school-specific marketing efforts, examples of marketing pieces and campaigns are also available upon request.

Our new logo is a symbol of progress, strength, fortitude and excellent achievement.

~ Clarence Newsom, (past) President

This logo is symbolic and a very significant part of the branding and direction of athletics that has evolved into ‘A New Reality.’ This is the first step that Shaw University athletics is taking to become a world-class program.

~ Martel Perry, Executive Vice President


vitalink has consistently demonstrated a superior level of professionalism and expertise in their interactions with my team and me. They have shown that they understand the unique dynamics facing colleges and universities today through the development of unique and successful solutions to meet these challenges.

On the creative and design side, vitalink is head and shoulders above any of the other firms with whom I have worked. They have the ability to covey the essence of a brand in a single image, bring together the past, present and future in a way that truly touches and excites people. vitalink has also proven to be very successful in introducing these images and brands to our stakeholder groups, as well as the general public.

~ Terry W. Spicer, Director of Public Relations

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