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Branding & Marketing 

If you need marketing and branding solutions for education, health, economic development or equity issues, vitalink helps you build a purpose-driven brand that will resonate with your stakeholders. We utilize proven tools, experience and cutting edge technology to fuel your journey. Our marketing and branding services are individualized for your situation and level you prefer. 

We shine light on education, health & equity issues for higher ed, non-profits, communities & other orgs so you prosper.

A Peek Inside the Toolbox:


Building a better solution. Things to consider.


  1. Surveys, focus groups, public engagement sessions & A/B testing

  2. Demographic, product, competitive & market research

  3. SWOT Analysis

  4. Brand Audit​​

  5. Research-Based Strategic Plans from  executive summary to marketing & communications plans

  1. Brand & brand platform: logos to  brand identity systems & brand architecture

  2. Brand style sheet to robust guide

  3. Ads - digital, audio, video, print, animated, outdoor, social tiles, etc.

  4. Core items - website, landing page, video, infographics, brochure, mailing, postcard, poster, trade show, rack card, insert, packaging, viewbook, annual report, templates, etc

  1. Social Media

  2. Thought Leadership & Influence

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Multi-Channel Campaigns:

    • Education: Enrollment, Giving, Alumni​

    • Issue Education & Awareness

    • Lead Generation

    • Brand Image: Change, Refresh, Introduction

What does success look like for you?

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