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Research, Engagement Tools, Creative Thinking, Partnerships, Branding & Marketing = Solutions Toolbox


  • You get recognition for your good work

  • Market share increases or stabilizes

  • Impact partnerships increase ROI

  • There is a buzz, bringing new donors, clients &/or funding

  • You are able to scale & grow your org (people, SOPs, M&A)

  • Marketing, sales & operations in concert

  • You are able to recruit & retain the best talent

  • Your team is included & motivated



Fuel your journey with our 5-step Growth Accelerator. Our solutions are individualized for your situation and the communities you serve. 

Our research-based partnership approach connects marketing, sales, and operations, delivering proactive and bold solutions that drive results.

Who we serve:

Mid-market to larger orgs, non-profits and government entities in the areas of education, health, economic development and equity.

Growth Accelerator


Scale your social enterprise & secure important resources to make an even greater impact.

What our clients say

Click to watch client testimonial video: 

"Anyone can come up with a great idea. vitalink will push hard for your organization’s vision. They really did their homework not only about our organization, but the nuances of the challenges we face.

They operate with clarity and transparency in who they are, what they do, and how much/how long it will take. 


They came in with their sleeves rolled up, and ready to do work, the hard work."

Cheron Porter, 


(formerly Charlotte Housing Authority)

Watch the video for more from Cheron.

"The team was attentive and responsive and worked closely with us to ensure our needs were met.


We were extremely pleased with our final report, which provided a thorough and detailed analysis that exceeded our expectations.

I would not hesitate to hire the vitalink team for future marketing and branding needs. They do excellent work while offering competitive rates – an important factor for any higher education marketing office."

Jaime Lynn Hunt, Winston-Salem State University

"They took the time to understand the problems we face so they can be flexible and resourceful team players.


No matter what time day or night...they are so responsive.


They are great people who provide great service from brand management to strategic positioning to implementing coordinated programs. They handle it all at a good value."

Lee Wicker, 

NC Growers Association

A Peek Inside the Visual Toolbox:


What does success look like for you?

We've helped 30+ non-profit/orgs not only increase awareness with stakeholders and scale, but win awards, recognition from peers, press, the White House and universities.


Clients like Samaritan's Purse, National Alliance for Disparities in Patient Health, UNCF, and public health departments were able to raise funds to serve more people after major disasters, build coalitions to solve health inequities, help more kids go to college, and reduce hospitalizations and deaths.

What challenge(s) do you want to achieve?

How do you define growth? 

What does success look like for you?

This is how we measure & grade the success of our partnership.

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