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Unlock equity,
Unlock growth:
workforce & housing

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Awareness & Growth Accelerator


Unlock the secret to next level growth. Our senior growth consultants expand your team to accelerate growth with our proprietary process, all while getting employees & partners energized.

Resources & support you need to:

  1. Build impact partnerships

  2. Amplify recognition & equity in communities you serve

  3. Alter perceptions about your org

  4. Build workforce programs, both businesses & students

  5. Improve perception

  6. Address challenging issues


While the challenges are similar, each org is unique in how they want to grow and the challenges they face. ​See work samples below.


What are your challenges? We'd like to learn more.

If we both agree we are a fit, we'll develop a no obligation Strategic Roadmap to show how we would help you grow. 

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Marketing dollars go further

Impact partnerships extend your awareness

Staff feels included & motivated 

Supporters are talking, bringing new donors & funds

...everything works together so your org stands out & grows

Growth & Awareness Accelerator


How do we do it?  PROVEN 5 STEP PROCESS:

build brand champions

YOUR Roadmap

break through the noise

outreach campaigns

accelerate growth & Awareness 

Stand out in a sea of competition.


We reveal your unmistakable value & accelerate growth, so you can do more good.

What our clients say:

"Anyone can come up with a great idea. vitalink will push hard for your organization’s vision. They really did their homework not only about our organization, but the nuances of the challenges we face.

They operate with clarity and transparency in who they are, what they do, and how much/how long it will take. 


They came in with their sleeves rolled up, and ready to do work, the hard work."

Cheron Porter, 


(formerly Charlotte Housing Authority)

Watch the video for more from Cheron.


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