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Unlock possibilities with the Treatment Accelerator


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New channels.

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Untapped markets. 

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Missed opportunities. 

$171.2 Billion
Cost to treat the 15.92M people of color diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S.

It can't just be a box you check if you want to keep or build market share, revenue, or relevance.

Think you've got it covered?
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Showing a person of color in an ad isn't enough.

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There is still mistrust & treatment bias.

Sadly, it's not just diabetes; people of color are unfairly affected by multiple health issues.

NADPH and vitalink have pioneered an innovative business model that seamlessly combines the dynamic expertise of a results-oriented marketing firm with the impactful mission of a leading health equity org recently featured in Forbes

Unlock possibilities: New channels. Untapped markets. Missed opportunities. 


Why is this important?

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American Indian/Alaska Native

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Blacks (non-Hispanic)

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White (non-Hispanic)

Source: American Diabetes Association 2021

Diabetes by Ethnicity

This also impacts those with diabetic complications in need of treatment. 

Bottom Line Impact

What could this mean for you to have, or to miss?


People of color with diabetes


Yearly cost to treat them


Represents1% share of the market

"Inequities in the US health system cost approx. $320 billion today."  ~ Deloitte

Healthcare Product Ecosystem 

The Healthcare Product Ecosystem (pharma, medical devices, apps, OTC products) is connected to patients or end users and reliant on the following for their success:


  • Policy Makers

  • Health Insurers

  • Public Health Advocates

  • Community Leaders & Influencers

  • Providers (doctors, PAs, NPs, pharmacists, and healthcare centers) 

Communication problems and bias still exist that stop people from getting treatment. Cultural trust barriers must be overcome. vitalink powers partnerships that impact health outcomes.

We increase users & market share by
overcoming trust issues & reducing treatment bias.

We've taken the best of results-oriented marketing and branding and combined it with impactful partnerships. Our partnerships go beyond typical donor relationships to jumpstart community engagement and build trust.


Get an immediate up-level when we align your org with an industry leader recognized in Forbes for using AI/ML to solve health equity issues

At the core, these outcomes impact your revenue, market share and future relevance.

Our senior growth consultants provide engagement, partnerships, and marketing tools to accelerate growth that works alongside your existing marketing. 

How we've helped others with complex & challenging medical issues

Reduced Deaths, Hospitalizations: 

Partnership with higher ed, churches, medical practices & a health department, utilized a multi-channel approach, achieved awards, resulting in status as a national trendsetter recognized by the White House.

Breaking Mental Health Barriers with the Elderly: 

Multi-pronged approach to overcome stigma reached the elderly, their adult children, & general practitioners on the diagnosis front line. Inquiries about mental health grew by 10% & patient satisfaction increased. 88% of referring doctor partnerships found materials helpful in treating patients.

Funding Saved, Program Transformed: 

Grew cancer program targeting rural and people of color (African American, Asian, Hispanic) by 23% using a cross-functional approach that addressed point of service (front desk) turnover issues, provider training, public education that Early Detection Works (fear of cancer) & created a sense of urgency. Program operated at max capacity for years even after the campaign ended.

Defeated Message Saturation & Apathy:

Campaign overcame message fatigue for our target audience of African Americans, LatinX & youth. Cessation classes quickly reached max capacity & our low 6-figure program award-winning initiative had higher recall than a well-funded multi 7-figure.

Fundraising Triumph:

Historically Black College and University (HBCU) Foundation overcame lack of alumni engagement and partnerships to form valuable partnerships & raise $20+ million in just two years. Program was featured at a National Conference.

NADPH Partners & Supporters

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