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Orgs face a real struggle to grow and stay relevant. Unlocking growth isn't just about branding & advertising, and it shouldn't be as elusive as chasing unicorns.  


As we've spearheaded successful and complex campaigns for government, higher education, businesses and non-profits, it has led us to pioneer an innovative business model.

We've merged the strengths of results-driven marketing with impactful partnerships that go beyond traditional donor relationships to jumpstart efforts.


Get an immediate up-level when we align your org with an industry leader recognized in Forbes for using AI/ML to solve health equity issues or one of our other fantastic partners

Our senior growth consultants provide engagement tools, partnerships, and marketing tools to accelerate growth that work alongside your existing marketing for healthcare orgs. 

Our growth consultancy serves successful purpose driven orgs who deal with challenging issues.


Since 1996.

PODCAST: Leaders Making a Difference

Jeanne Frazer, vitalink President & CEO, interviews Malaika Simmons, NADPH COO

Jeanne Frazer, vitalink President & CEO, interviews Eric Bernabei, Peripherex CEO

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