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What Outcome is Most Important to Your Org?

Improved health  outcomes & cost savings

Community engagement & building coalitions

Getting & keeping a strong, diverse workforce

Public perception, innovation & reputation

Or are you concerned about losing relevance, market share, revenue, or funding support?

We have pioneered an innovative business model that seamlessly combines the
dynamic expertise of a results-oriented marketing firm with the impactful mission of a leading health equity org

Why vitalink? EQUITY IMPACT. 

People like doing business with businesses that give back. That is no longer enough. It can be a struggle to remain relevant (the secret isn't in advertising alone).


As we've developed and implemented successful and complex campaigns for government, higher education, businesses and non-profits, it has led us to pioneer an innovative business model.

We've taken the best of results-oriented marketing and branding and combined it with impactful partnerships. Our partnerships go beyond typical donor relationships and jumpstart efforts.


Get an immediate up-level when we align your org with an industry leader recognized in Forbes for using AI/ML to solve health equity issuesSTEM space/tech partnerships also available.

What outcome is most important to your org?

  1. Improved health outcomes & cost savings

  2. Community engagement & building coalitions

  3. Getting & keeping a strong, diverse workforce

  4. Public perception, innovation & reputation


At the core, these outcomes impact your revenue, market share and funding support.

Our senior growth consultants provide engagement tools, partnerships, and marketing tools to accelerate growth that work alongside your existing marketing. 


Our growth consultancy serves successful purpose driven orgs who deal with challenging issues.


Since 1996.

"Risk of Losing Millions to Record Applications and Impact: Statewide Welfare Program funding saved through partnerships and rebranding." 

~ Statewide Welfare Department

"After years of declining enrollment and poor morale, our work with vitalink not only increased enrollment for five straight semesters and set giving records, but doors were opened to business partnerships that were previously closed." 

~Historically Black College & University






What do you want to accomplish?

Watch what our clients say:


Click to watch client video testimonials 

Reduced Deaths, Hospitalizations: Health Department achieved awards, becoming a national trendsetter.

Risk of Losing Millions to Record Applications and Impact: Statewide Welfare Program funding saved  through partnerships and rebranding.

Enrollment Turnaround: Historically Black College and University increased enrollment for 6 straight semesters.

Funding Saved, Program Transformed: Grew cancer program 23% and operated at max capacity for years even after the campaign ended.

Fundraising Triumph: HBCU Foundation raised $20+ million and formed valuable partnerships.

Donation Turnaround: Homeless shelter increased donations by 1.3% after a 3-year decline.

Breaking Mental Health Barriers & the Elderly: Inquiries grew by 10% and patient satisfaction increased. 88% of referring doctor partnerships found materials helpful in treating patients.

Smoking Cessation Success: Classes quickly reached max capacity and program had higher recall than well-funded national campaign.

Affordable Housing Perception Shift: Housing Authority grew positive perception from 47% to 58%.

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