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Marketing Agency Empowers New Clients

How Marketing Agency vitalink® Empowers New Clients Toward Purpose-Driven Brands

Raleigh, NC – vitalink has been a purpose-driven branding and marketing firm since its inception in 1996 but is now taking this commitment to the next level. As a demonstration of its commitment, the agency will begin giving back 5-10% of its revenues to these new clients’ causes.

“Whether you are a non-profit, foundation, university, or business, it is more important than ever to be authentic and ‘live’ your brand’s values,” says Jeanne Frazer, president of vitalink. “Being purpose-driven is at the core of who we are. It is time for us to step in and own our purpose-driven focus by giving back to our communities.”

vitalink works with higher education, non-profits, foundations, communities, and businesses that are committed to a purpose-driven brand. The agency gives back to the community on a regular basis and team members are given paid time off to volunteer for causes they support.

vitalink ( is a purpose-driven branding and marketing firm. vitalink partners with clients to build purposeful, prosperous brands that speak to their communities. We are a small, woman-owned business founded in 1996. vitalink has a strong commitment to education and is a founding partner of HBCUgrow ( Empowering purpose fuels results.


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